Friday, October 19, 2007

SingTel offers cellphone controlled spycam

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Yeah, yeah, the caption reads "watch over your loved ones wirelessly..." but we know by "watch over" they mean spy. With SingTel's dubious intentions aside, the Mobile LIVEcam looks to be a reasonably inexpensive and capable -- albeit optically challenged -- 0.3 megapixel remote camera. For only $240 upfront and about $6 month in service costs you get a 3G SIM card and the camera which can pan, tilt, zoom, and even record video onto a microSD card. If your preferred recording location is a bit dark, the camera features an infrared recording mode to help get the dirtiest of dirt ensure your family's safety. The LIVEcam is controlled via SMS commands or through a web interface -- also accessible by up to 20 others via password control -- on your mobile phone, and with a touted 300 hours standby time, should give you enough time to capture the perfect shots. Yep, anti-privacy never looked so fun.


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