Friday, October 19, 2007

BYU's Spilling creation takes handheld displays to tabletops

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If you've ever tried to manipulate an Excel file (or similar) on a 320 x 240 resolution display in the palm of your hand, we totally understand your pain. Thankfully, a few dutiful individuals at BYU have concocted a snazzy way to get handheld imagery onto tabletop displays, and there's even a video to prove it. To demonstrate, the team utilized a Sony VAIO UX, which was mounted on a conductive frame that "established an electrical connection between the user's grasp and the unit's feet." Once the UX was placed on a larger display, it then beamed its images out and even allowed users to scroll around or reposition the output by simply touching the display and / or moving the UX. Granted, the actual technology behind all this "Spilling" is more complicated than we've room to mention, so just do yourself a favor and peek the (slightly monotonous) video in the read link. [Warning: Video link has been known to crash browsers, view at your own risk]

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[via] Engadget

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