Friday, October 19, 2007

Kyocera announces KR2 EV-DO router

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While Kyocera's old KR1 EV-DO router should still get the basic job done just fine, those looking for a few new features may want to consider the company's just-announced KR2 model, which brings the router up to date with some of the latest and greatest specs. Chief among those is support for 802.11n WiFi, as well as support for an expanded range of EV-DO devices, including various PCMCIA cards, ExpressCards, and USB devices. Otherwise you'll get the usual four Ethernet ports to connect the odd non-WiFi device, an "industry leading" firewall, over the air updates, and a fail-over capability that'll automatically kick the EV-DO into gear if your DSL or cable connection drops out. No word on what it'll cost, but it's apparently "coming soon."


[via] Engadget

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