Friday, October 19, 2007

AU Optronics develops uber-thin mobile display

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AU Optronics isn't messing around when it comes to improving the displays that you're forced to look at each time that boss / SO / telemarketer rings you up, and just months after developing a screen with a sub-one-millimeter border, the firm is now tooting its horn again after crafting what it calls the "world's thinnest 1.9-inch mobile device panel." The unit measures in at just 0.69-millimeters, and since we know it's tough to visualize something that skinny, how's this for reference? It's about "13-percent slimmer than a credit card." Granted, it doesn't seem to include any type of protective covering, but it is said to weigh just 2.2-grams and boast 400 nits of brightness. Just make sure you exercise caution when smashing through your contact list in a fit of fury on this thing, okay?


[via] Engadget

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