Sunday, July 29, 2007

Yumekobo's Yamanote alarm clock shows train schedules

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You know what they say about Japanese trains being so reliable you can set a clock to it? Ironically enough, Yumekobo's Yamanote alarm clock does just that, and while we're sure the vivid green color scheme isn't for everyone, its features (feature?) are what counts. Apparently, the clock communicates via radio with the train station, and the train symbols surrounding the hands correspond to where a given train is located at a certain point in time. Additionally, it sports built-in chimes and melodies to match those played in the actual station, and of course, can wake you up at a set time so you don't miss your morning ride to work. Not a bad device to keep around for ¥7,980 ($66), and in case you're still a bit stumped on how this thing actually operates, check out a web-based demonstration here.

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