Sunday, July 29, 2007

Apple's MacBook Pro 85W MagSafe adapter shipping now

We know you've been sitting around all day, watching the door, hoping to see a UPS delivery person coming down the walkway with a new, small-ified MacBook Pro 85W MagSafe adapter. You probably thought it was going to take forever -- but your dreams just came true. According to one user who was kind enough to share with us, the units are shipping, though if you ordered a stock laptop recently you might not see it at all. Here's what they had to say; "The 85w compact adapter shipped with a recent Macbook Pro BTO configuration. I ordered two at the same time, one stock, one BTO, but the stock config didn't come with the compact adapter, whereas the BTO one did." So picky buyers, be prepared to make some angry calls to customer service.

[Thanks, Erin]


[via] Engadget

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