Sunday, July 29, 2007

Ask Engadget: Wireless TV for the home?

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This time on Ask Engadget, Lenny's looking for a way to consolidate a couple of national past times: eating and television. What a noble quest. If you've got a similarly humanitarian tech conundrum, or just want the masses to weigh in on something more pedestrian, hit us up at ask at engadget dawt com. Last time we were picking a wireless router for Brad, here's Lenny's question:

"I'm looking for a wireless TV solution for my dining room. I want a TV
that is as unobtrusive as possible. I don't want to run coax in there,
nor any other AV cables. I just want a TV (preferably mounted on the
wall) that gets its signal wirelessly. I saw two solutions by Sharp and
Sony, but they came out in '04, and don't seem to be widely available now."

Seems like there are plenty of ways to go, and we suppose it depends on what kind of quality, resolution and picture size he's looking for, but we're sure Lenny can find an affordable solution to getting that TV where it belongs. What do you guys think?


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