Sunday, July 29, 2007

Kodak sues Matsushita over patent infringement

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Kodak, a name pretty much synonymous with the word "camera" in the past, and "crap" more recently, sued Japanese manufacturer Masushita (primary owner of Panasonic, amongst others), alleging the company infringed upon its digital camera patents. In documents filed in Texas, Kodak claims that the company violated patents for an "electronic camera utilizing image compression and digital storage," and "an apparatus and method for previewing motion images using a series of lower resolution still images." According to a Kodak spokesman, the company has tried to resolved the dispute "for a number of years," but the results haven't been up to snuff for the photography giant. Interestingly, Kodak has all but announced that it plans to bolster its earnings by milking kickbacks from the licensing of its intellectual property during its lengthy transition from a traditional photography company to a digital one. If the past is any indication, Matsushita can just crack the wallet right now.


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