Thursday, October 11, 2007

Thanks for coming out tonight, San Francisco!

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We're floored! Over a thousand people braved lines to join us at tonight's Engadget reader meetup in San Francisco, our biggest ever event by far! We're completely humbled, but you're not out of the woods yet. Do us a favor and share your photos and video from tonight, would you? We'll post 'em up tomorrow for everyone to check out. Thanks again, SF!

Please add your pictures to the Engadget Flickr pool here.
And please add your videos to YouTube with the tag engadget2007sf.

We'd also like to thank the premium event sponsor of our San Francisco event, the Bluetooth SIG, who really helped us make this whole thing happen!


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Harry B. Garland said...

Being one of 1,000 people in that tiny little room wasn't as fun as it looks. That room was packed way over fire code.

There were $40,000 in prizes given away. That money should have been spent on a larger venue space.