Thursday, October 11, 2007

HyOn's Xent X3 PMP handles GPS, T-DMB

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Another day, another fabulous conglomerate that we Americans will probably never see in our homeland. On the docket today is HyOn's multifaceted Xent X3, which features a seven-inch 800 x 480 resolution display, support for MPEG1/2/4, DivX, XviD and WMV formats and an internal T-DMB module for snagging TV on the go. Additionally, this WinCE 5.0-powered device includes a SiRFstarIII GPS receiver, an SD expansion slot, 128MB of RAM, built-in speakers and a 500MHz Alchemy Au120 processor. Sadly, we've no idea how pricey this thing is, but we're sure it'll be readily available in locales lucky enough to support it.

[Via NaviGadget]


[via] Engadget

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