Thursday, October 11, 2007

Gilded Zelda DS Lite on the horizon?

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Apparently, the gold DS Lite you see tucked away in the lower-left hand corner of the picture above could soon be coming to retail stores, which to be honest, wouldn't shock us considering the smorgasbord of colors already out there. Reportedly, the photograph was snapped at the Nintendo World Store as Phantom Hourglass launched, and to make things even more interesting, a certain individual has also claimed that his company has received orders from the Big N to design graphics for a "BOX, SYST GOLD W/ZELDA: HOUR USG." Even if legitimate, it remains to be seen if the elusive new portable will simply be a limited run for contests or if it'll hit shelves en masse, but it's hard to argue how well a gilded Zelda DS Lite bundle would sell this holiday season.

[Via DSFanboy]
[via] Engadget

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