Thursday, September 20, 2007

T-Mobile, Danger introduce MySpace Mobile for Sidekick

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Once Helio's claim to fame, mobile versions of MySpace are spreading across carriers large and small now; seems this whole social networking thing isn't a fad after all. The bulk of the Hiptop user base seems like a key MySpace demographic, so it makes sense that T-Mobile and Danger have joined the fray with a customized version of MySpace Mobile for the Sidekick range. The software's more than a simple mobile web portal, offering real-time status, profile editing, photo management, and communication with other members assembled into a decidedly Danger-like user interface. The companies are undertaking a "multi-week rollout" to the on-device Download Catalog beginning immediately with availability to all Sidekick 3 and iD users by the end of October, so enjoy your last few weeks of productivity while you can.

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