Thursday, September 20, 2007

Intel's Hapertown quad core processors get benchmarked

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It looks like we're not quite done with Intel news out of IDF just yet, with the folks at now scoring some benchmarks for the company's so-called "Stoakley" server/workstation platform. At the center of that platform are two-socket-capable quad-core Penryn CPUs, which are set to replace the current 65nm quad-core Clovertown models. And in that repect, it looks like Hapertown should be a worthy successor, with HEXUS calling it a "better quad-core processor than Clovertown: it's as simple as that." While their tests were somewhat hindered by Intel's choice to include the 32-bit Windows XP on the test system , they nonetheless managed to turn up some decent benchmark numbers and, just as importantly, found plenty of room for those numbers to grow, especially once SSE4.1-optimised applications start to turn up. Those looking for even more details can hit up the read link below for the complete rundown.

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