Thursday, August 16, 2007

SanDisk shakes up Sansa line for the back to school celebration

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It looks like SanDisk has decided that a few of its Sansa media players were due for a refresh, and it's now rolled out some changes in hopes of attracting the Back to School masses. Perhaps the biggest change comes to the company's WiFi-equipped Sansa Connect, which retains all the same specs but gets a full hundred dollars knocked off its price tag, with it now coming in at just $150. The other refresh comes to the company's Sansa Shaker line, which gets a new 1GB model that'll retail for $50 -- the existing 512MB can also now be had for a mere $35. Of course, while SanDisk is pitching this as a Back to School promotion, there's nothing to stop anyone from taking advantage of it for themselves.


[via] Engadget

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