Thursday, August 16, 2007

Liz Claiborne accessory line headed to Best Buy

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You won't find any kvetching going on at Engadget HQ when it comes to new lines of fanciful gizmo adornments, but forcing us to enter Best Buy in order to pick something up may elicit a few scrunched-up noses. Nevertheless, the infamous big box retailer is apparently hoping to snag a few more holiday dollars from ladies (and their gift-buying SOs) by asking Liz Claiborne to design a "collection of electronics accessories for women." The Liz Claiborne Accessories line will reportedly include "laptop bags, protective sleeves, business totes, and cases for cellphones, music players, and cameras." Price wise, you'll be looking at around $25 to $200 depending on what you pick up, and you can drop in to scope things out at nearly 250 Best Buy locations beginning in October.

UPDATE: Seems like some readers have seen this stuff in Best Buy locales already, so give your local one a call if you're desperate to know.


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