Thursday, August 16, 2007

NVIDIA said to be selling 128-bit GeForce 8400GS in China

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It looks like NVIDIA may have a special treat (of sorts) for gamers in China, as DigiTimes is reporting that the company is now selling a 128-bit version of its GeForce 8400GS in the country, something that apparently wasn't on its original roadmap. According to DigiTimes, "sources at graphics card makers" say that the new chip is "very similar" to NVIDIA's GeForce 8500GT, with the only apparent difference being that it operates at a lower core frequency. Those same sources are also apparently speculating that the "new" 8400GS could in fact simply be GeForce 8500GT chips that did not pass testing and were then downgraded in order to clear them out. For its part, however, NVIDIA doesn't seem to be saying anything about the matter.


[via] Engadget

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