Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sanyo's Xacti VPC-HD1000 camcorder gets reviewed

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Sanyo's line of Xacti camcorders have traditionally looked mighty fine on paper, but for one reason or another, expectations haven't exactly been met on the previous iterations. The firm's latest pistol-grip device yet again looked superb at a glance, but TrustedReviews found that the VPC-HD1000 still wasn't able to live up to its claims. On the upside, reviewers found the design to be "much improved," and the Full HD recording abilities were drooled over as well. Still, the crew couldn't help but be disappointed in the paltry four-megapixel CMOS sensor, and while it did perform "better than its predecessors" as a camcorder, the optical zoom was tagged as "slow," colors seemed slightly oversaturated and you'll still need "plenty of light" in order to get halfway decent results. Furthermore, it was noted that quick changes in scenery caused noticeable pixilation, and shooting in low-light introduced "a lot" of grain. Overall, the HD1000 wasn't totally slammed nor lifted up on a pedestal, but we'd probably hold off on this unless you're cool with a "jack of two trades, but master of neither."


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