Sunday, November 18, 2007

3G iPod nano not playing nice with Nike+iPod kit?

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Word on the street -- or on the Apple discussion boards, rather -- is that quite a few 3G iPod nanos aren't exactly acting as they should when interfacing with the Nike+iPod Sport Kit. Users are reporting that after updating to software v1.0.2, mileage is being displayed in kilometers instead of miles, even though the internal voice still quotes the latter. Additionally, recorded information uploaded to the Nike+ website is correctly shown (in miles), while the "Your Last Workout" section in iTunes makes you wonder if you're still living in America. Apple is apparently aware of the issue and is working towards a fix, but for now, it looks like you can turn lemons into lemonade by practicing your distance conversions on-the-run.

[Iimage courtesy of jfab, thanks Gerry]


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