Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Samsung's LED-backlit LN-T4681F LCD HDTV gets reviewed

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Although it'd be easy to take one of our reader's word for it, Sound and Vision Magazine set out to see if Samsung's sleek LN-T4681F really was the best home theater display on the market. The 46-inch LED-backlit display is a proud member of Sammy's 81 series, and while the glossy motif sure boosted the sexiness, reviewers did note that a "fair amount of reflected light pooled up on the screen during daytime viewing." The crew didn't have much trouble tweaking the settings to get the image just right, but it did exhibit a few problems deinterlacing film-sourced 1080i-format programs. Nevertheless, LED SmartLighting / LED Motion Plus both proved extremely beneficial, color rendition was deemed "excellent" and picture uniformity was satisfactory save for the slightly lackluster off-axis performance. Overall, those in charge of critiquing this here set were mighty impressed, and while a few niggles may annoy those looking for reasons to nitpick, most everyone else will likely walk away quite pleased with its performance.


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