Tuesday, November 20, 2007

DIY'er stuffs MAME machine into dinner table

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Hot on the heels of Gamerator's stupendous MAME cabinet and AOTS "world's largest arcade machine" comes a DIY project that gives both of the aforementioned products a run for their money. The aptly-titled IKEA MAME Dinner Table cleverly crams a MAME machine into a standard dinner table, which we're absolutely sure any warm-blooded mother (and / or gamer) could appreciate. The table can slide open to reveal a 15-inch LCD, Happ Controls and an Ultimarc I-PAC, and while a myriad games can be played, the creator's personal favorite is the famed Ms. Pacman. Click on for a couple more looks, and then head on to the read link for a slew of pics from the underside.

[Via MAKE]

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