Thursday, September 27, 2007

Panasonic launches four new Toughbooks

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Panasonic is getting funky-fresh on everyone today with word of a new lineup of Toughbooks making their way out to store shelves. The company is launching four different models of the hard-as-nails laptops (W7, T7, R7, Y7), all of which are based on Intel's Santa Rosa chipset. The new over-performers are said to be able to withstand a 76-centimeter drop (about desk height) while switched on and continue working, versus the previous model's 30-centimeter rating (which applied only when turned off). The Toughbooks also have an "irrigation system" for the keyboard which can route water away from important bits to a "drain" at the base of the computer. Keep reading after the break to see a rundown of all the new models and specs.

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