Thursday, September 27, 2007

KDev intros cameraphone-friendly FoxBox MMS

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If the original Linux-based FoxBox SMS didn't boast quite the capabilities you were looking for, then perhaps KDev's upgraded FoxBox MMS will be more to your liking. Like the original FoxBox, it'll act as a cellphone-to-web gateway, in this case accepting photos sent from a cameraphone via MMS and putting 'em straight up onto the web (it'll even able to do conversion to JPG, GIF, or PNG in the process). As before, it'll also give you FTP and HTTP interfaces to manage all that uploaded content, which can either be stored on an SD card or on up to two attached USB drives. According to, KDev's David Cantaluppi says that makes the box ideal for websites looking to do photo contests and the like, although it's appeal to the general public would seem to be quite limited, especially considering its $1,240 price tag.


[via] Engadget

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