Monday, November 12, 2007

Sony DualShock 3 unboxing: ready to rumble?

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While it wasn't as though our Tokyo bureau was blessed with PS3 firmware 2.0 way in advance of us poor saps in the States, they certainly were among the first in the world to snag the retail release of the most controversial next-gen controller, MIA since launch in late 2006 until now: Sony's DualShock 3. (In ceramic white, no less!) It's nothing you haven't already seen here on Engadget, but feel free to inspect the package porn in the gallery below, letting waves of envy wash over you as that ¥5,500 ($50 US) burns a hole in your pocket. But hey, no reason to get too worked up, after all what possible need could your next-gen PlayStation have for the hottest "last-gen" feature on the block?

Gallery: Sony DualShock 3 unboxing: ready to rumble?


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