Thursday, November 15, 2007

Packard Bell unveils Compasseo 700-series GPS units

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Packard Bell's latest trio of Compasseo navigators aren't likely to thrill any Americans, but for those camped out on the other side of the pond, you could certainly find some utility here. The flagship model in the 700-series (the 780 T+) sports a 4.3-inch LCD, 400MHz CPU, 2GB of SDRAM, a battery good for around three hours, NAVTEQ maps covering all of western Europe, speed camera alerts, TrafficLive Plus, built-in media player, a SiRFstarIII GPS chipset and a MMC / SD expansion slot. As for the 750 T+, it steps it down by only including 256MB of SDRAM and maps that cover just the UK / Ireland, while the low-end 750 strips away the live traffic support. We're not seeing any hard pricing details just yet, but word on the street has the forthcoming trifecta arriving soon for £129.99 and up.

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