Saturday, November 10, 2007

Packard Bell intros Fresh, Eclipse media players

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We're not exactly sure what's up with the chewing gum-inspired names here, but apparently, Packard Bell thinks they're pretty "original." All laughs aside, the 1GB / 2GB Fresh DAP (shown after the jump) could easily be a distant cousin to the FunKey Town, and it weighs in at just 23.5-grams, plays back MP3s, sports a blue backlit screen and should last around half a day on a single AAA cell. As for the Eclipse (available in 2GB, 4GB and 8GB), it's reportedly the very first media player from the firm that handles video, and more specifically, it's designed to understand MP4, WMV, XviD, MP3, WMA and WAV file formats; additionally, it sports a 2.2-inch color display, a rechargeable Li-ion, USB 2.0 connectivity and six equalizer presets. If you're wondering how much loot it'd take to snag one of these European-bound units, word on the street has the Fresh landing for €30 ($43) / €40 ($59), or you could opt for the much more versatile Eclipse if you're cool with unknown pricetags. [Warning: PDF read link]

[Via Electronista, image courtesy of Notebook Italia]


[via] Engadget

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