Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Nike, Apple hit with lawsuit over ripping Nike+iPod idea

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Another day, another lawsuit aimed at Cupertino. This time, however, a Utah-based company is bringing Nike along for the ride, as it claims that the two firms willfully created and sold the Nike+iPod Sport Kit after refusing to incorporate their patent into the product. Apparently, Leaper Footwear successfully "patented in 1998 a unique breed of shoes which measures locomotive performance parameters such as a user's walking or running speed and / or distance traveled." Furthermore, Nike allegedly refused to take interest in the firm's patent, while it eventually went on to pursue and craft the same type of product some six years later. As predicted, the two plaintiffs are hoping to garner a (presumably large) sum of money "to be determined at trial, a permanent injunction barring Apple and Nike from further infringement on their patent" and a court order that they receive "three times the damages assessed at trial due to the willful and deliberate nature of Nike's actions."

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