Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Altec Lansing intros inMotion iM414 Zune speaker system

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Altec Lansing was among the first to offer a speaker dock for the original Zune, and it now looks set to accommodate the latest batch as well, with the company apparently nearly a release for its "Designed for Zune" inMotion iM414 speaker system. While we're a bit skeptical of Altec Lansing's claims of "immersive, crystal-clear sound," the system does look to be fairly decent as far as these things go, with it boasting some 3.2-watt speakers with 2-inch neodymium drivers, a built-in FM radio, a remote, and a spare input jack for your other audio gear. It'll also, of course, charge your Zune while it plays, and it'll even hold some batteries if you want to tote it along with you. As they've shown in the past, Altec Lansing hasn't forgotten about SanDisk users either, with the nearly identical inMotion iM413 model for Sansa players also said to be "coming soon," for the same $100 price as the Zune version.

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