Friday, September 21, 2007

Intel, Embraco team up on cooling laptop docking station

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Sure, there's a number of pre-fabricated (and DIY) laptop cooling options already out there, but apparently, Intel and Embraco saw the need for one more. Granted, the External Chilled Air Docking Station is still in prototype form, but early peeks showed the device packing a minuscule "compressor that cools the air before flowing into the bottom of the laptop" as well as thermal sensors to show the "air temperature before and after the refrigeration process takes place." Reportedly, the docking station could work with a variety of lappies by simply moving the "air ducts and vent holes" around. The cooler could hit store shelves before Christmas if things go as planned, and while we wouldn't jot this down in ink, the price could purportedly hover around $150.

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