Monday, September 17, 2007

BMW's iPhone runs on Vodafone (not T-Mobile) at Frankfurt Motor Show

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So, if you believe the rumor mill, then T-Mobile (Deutsche Telekom) has clinched the iPhone for Germany right? Perhaps, but that hasn't stopped BMW from showing off this picture of the iPhone running with Voda...(fone) at their Frankfurt Motor Show website. Now we'd chalk this up to some speculative Photoshopping on BMW's part but we also received a tip from a reader claiming to have seen a Vodafone iPhone in the BMW area over the weekend. What the? Anyone at the autoshow care to sneak out some snaps?

Update: Meanwhile... our readers have united on the edge of Occam's razor with the following conclusion: international roaming.

[Via itrafik, thanks Jay A.]

[via] Engadget

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