Friday, August 31, 2007

Fraunhofer's Surround Vision lets projectors get curvy

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Those prolific folks at the Fraunhofer Institute recently took the wraps off yet another invention of theirs, this one promising to let projectors do things they've never done before (or at least let 'em do it more easily). More specifically, its "Surround Vision" software will automatically calibrate projectors to allow for images to be projected on surfaces of any shape with "pixel-precise accuracy". What's more, according to Gizmag, the system can apparently be used "in principle" with any type of projector. While it seems unlikely that many folks will be reworking their home theaters to take advantage of the system, the Fraunhofer folk see no shortage of other applications for the technology, including trade show booths, theme parks, simulators, and planitariums, to name a few.


[via] Engadget

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