Thursday, August 16, 2007

FUZE unveils whole-home media system

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If you thought HTIBs were convenient, the FUZE Media System should have you grinning from ear to ear. Similar to the uber-pricey ConnectedLife.Home in a box, this all-in-one solution brings together a FuzeBox HTPC with "multiple CableCARD tuners," FuzeMini HD Media Clients, the Fuze Whole-Home remote, a four-inch wall-mountable touchscreen interface, and a number of on-wall control switches to deliver complete multimedia integration throughout your domicile. According to FUZE, you'll find "all the necessary components for media storage and distribution: a primary media server, video clients, audio clients, and multiple interface options." Interestingly, it even notes that "DRM-friendly whole-home HD video" won't be a problem with this here equipment, and while the firm has yet to talk dollars and dates, we'll hopefully be getting a much closer look at what's involved when it sets up shop at CEDIA.


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